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The company was created 1968 by engineer Egon Kulms, for this time we exclusively occupied with insect killers without chemicals.

We are specialized in the range of the flight insect fight

* in the foodstuffs industry
* Large baker's shop branches
* Butchers/butcher's shop
* Butchers enterprises
* Catering trade
* Cosmetic-industrie
* Foil production/foil extruding
* Chemical industry
* Printering

* in pharmaceutical industry
* Pharmacies
* Retail trade
* Breweries
* Beverage industry
* Sources of mineral
* Vehicle industry
* Paint shops
* etc.


We sell Insect O Cutor insect killer correspond to the highest quality standards and examined of an independent expert and as recommendable certified. Our Insect O Cutor insect killer with high voltage grid is equipped with a new high voltage - technology and for foodstuffs sectors certified.

Of course we can supply also glueboard insectkiller, electrical flykiller of other manufacturers as well as glueboards and UV-A tubes  for all usual types of devices. Insect O Cutor insect killers are according to standard equipped with Synergetic greenlight tubes. These were tested by the University of Camebridge and have 30% more attracting effect on flight insects than normal UV-A tubes.

Further advantages are a life span longer around approx. 2000 operation hours and attracting of a greater kind spectrum. Also UV - negative insects are attracted.

We co-operate closely with IHK examined pestcontrollers (external companies), so that we can offer except the flying insect fight also a complete package pestcontroll to you. Further information to our company, our quality products and our on-line shop- you find under: